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11 weeks in…

March 28, 2008 1 comment

This post might seem like something you’d read in “In Touch”, you know…the one that points out a celebrity with a pregnancy pouch. Well…although Annie isn’t from Hollywood…I think we’re starting to see it…take a look!


We’ll try our best to update the pictures on a weekly basis, so you too can watch and Annie’s tummy transform.

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First Doctor’s Appointment

March 24, 2008 3 comments

So Annie, ?????, and I had our first doctor’s appointment on Friday morning.

The result? Things are just fine. We were pretty excited at the thought of being able to hear the heartbeat, however the doctor informed us that, before 10 weeks, you can’t hear anything, after 12 weeks, you can, and anything in between is a crap shoot.

Well…since we fell into the “crap shoot” category, we didn’t win and we weren’t able to hear the heartbeat. However, next time we will! Next appointment is in a month.

Oh and…the device the doc used to listen to the heartbeat looked like a toy I had when I was a kid…does this look familiar?


I think maybe the doctor’s version was a little more advance than my Fisher-Price Radio/Microphone!

In any case, we answered some questions, asked some questions, and a few other things, so overall…a good visit, can’t wait for the next one!


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Hey all!

March 17, 2008 1 comment

This blog will follow Jeremy & Annie as their family grows and changes. More to come, so check back!


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