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Week 13ish…

Hey there all you friends and family!

Sorry about the skipping a week, it kind of got lost in the shuffle. Well here’s an update for you. First…here’s what Annie’s tummy looks like as of April 7th…

\"Hi there lil\' bump!\"

Hello bump!

Needless to say…something is definitely growing in there. Now…as we look at this picture is there anyone else that notices something strange? Yes…you there in the back with your hand raise…is that Diane? Go ahead…uh huh…yep you’re right…Annie is in fact wearing a pair of jeans!

Those of you who know Annie know that she’s always a little more comfortable in a pair of p.j. pants or sweats. This fact is even more so as her tummy continues to grow.

Also…we all need to take from this what we will but, I (Jeremy), experienced a couple of interesting scenarios this weekend, that could possibly be foreshadowing. Here’s what went down…

I went to the grocery store late Saturday night for a microwave popcorn run, when I run into an old acquaintance from my time at the video store. Out of our conversation, it turns out that he and his wife are expecting, plan to deliver in the same hospital as Annie and I, and get this…they’re due date, given to them by the doctor, is the same as ours! October 15th!

Now you might be asking, where’s the foreshadow-ish part? Well…they’re expecting twins! Then on Sunday morning, I come downstairs to find Annie on the couch watching television…watching “Full House”…what episode is it? Only the one where Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky find out that they’re having twins!

\"The future of Annie & Jeremy?\"

Those of you that may not know me or my family…twins aren’t completely uncommon…in fact, my sisters are twins, my grandma and great aunt are twins, and if memory serves correct, there is another one beyond that! Okay…okay…okay…I might be reading to much into it, it’s just coincidence right?

I know that this post is already quite long, but here’s the last thing…we’ve got another doctor’s appointment coming up on April 17th, so hopefully we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat and more! Look for an update after that!

Thanks for checking in…we’ll talk to you next time!


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  1. Heidi
    April 18, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Coincedence? I think not!!!

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