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15 wks…and finally an update

Ok…so things have been kind of crazy around here…still not feeling well all the time…we’re tired…and anyone who’s gone through this probably knows what we’re talking about.

Well…we had a doctor’s appointment this past Thursday, and it was short. Very short. We walked in…heard the heartbeat…which sounds like this: whah whah whah whah…the doc said things were fine and sent us on our way. Oh…and we’ll see him in another month…where we’ll be close to confirming the sex of the child and if there is more than one.

Also…we’ve started picking up some things for ??????’s room. We’ve gone with fairly neutral colors…green’s and blue’s of different shades…and turtles! Awww…take a look…it’s the “Turtle Bay Collection” from CoCaLo.

Yesterday we ran out to Grand Rapids to “U.S.A. Baby” because they had been advertising some huge sale…well first off…not a lot of huge savings there. Also…we picked up the “Turtle Bay Collection” bedding at a place near us, “Sweet Dreams Baby Boutique”…it’s next to “Mom & Baby Again” on Riley and US-31…well had we picked it up at “U.S.A. Baby”, we would have had to spend about $50 more…that should give some insight to their “Sale Pricing”. However…we did find a matching switch plate for ?????’s room:

Other than that…Annie still feels ill in the morning…fine at school…and tired when she gets home. It just kind of stinks that the only time we see each other is when she’s sick & tired. Oh well. Before we close out…here’s a picture of Annie at 15wks…not much change since last time…but according to the heartbeat…it’s really in there.


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  1. Heather & Ross
    April 23, 2008 at 7:06 am

    I really like the bedroom collection for ??? I couldn’t believe how perfect it matches both of your personalities! 🙂 Sheldon might be jealous.

  2. Katie
    April 28, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    The bedding is very cute! I can see why you liked it. We got sucked into the USA Baby “sale” when we bought our crib…AHHH!!
    This will be a fun way to catch up with you between visits!

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