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Well…it’s been a while since we posted something, my guess is because we’re still at that stage where a whole lot isn’t happening. Although in the next couple of weeks there is going to be some major advancements, gender, and…uh…some other stuff.

Anyway…here’s a picture of Annie now:

Wow…it just kind of grew like over a weekend or something.

Oh yeah…we went to a couple of garage sales a couple weekends ago and had some awesome finds. Probably the biggest deal was the Bumbo Baby seat with tray for $7. Nice find Annie…nice find. Other than that we picked up some fun clothes that we’re too gender specific, like a tiny little Hope College sweatshirt and tiny little Grand Valley socks. It was pretty cool.

After the garage sale we were left with a small dilema…where do we put all of it? Time to find a dresser. So we’ve been hunting…and guess who found it? Jeremy! With a little help from someone at work he was able to find quite a dresser that coincidentally matches the room that will soon be converted into the nursery. Check it out:

We plan to paint the blue to match the colors of the wall and leave the white, white. Good find Jeremy…good find. So now that that is taken care of we are now left with the “Hunt for the Perfect White Crib”. Sounds like it could be an Indiana Jones – The Early Years movie huh? We’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of posted…if we keep posting every other week…your next update will be the week before our next doctor’s appointment…we’ll do our best to update things right away. We’ll also have to figure out a system to tell those who want to know what we’re having and to avoid telling those that want it to be a surprise.

We hope all is well with you…thanks for checking in on us! See you next time…and a little more pregnant!

Jeremy & Annie

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