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Whew…21 weeks!

Wow…so yeah…a lot has happened since our last post and by a lot I mean…LOTS!

It’s been a month since we last posted, and for those of you checking this, let me just say that I apologize. Things have been busy with everything. Annie has been gearing up for the end of school, which is this week. I’ve been busy at the radio station kicking off a new listener rewards program. And…what’s that? You only come here to read about the baby? Oh…ok…well, let’s get to it then.

The baby is growing well, but before we get to those awesome little details that we know you’re really here for, here are some other things that have happened.

Since our last post we have picked up a crib and a mattress to go with our turtle bedding. Below you can see another shot of the turtle bedding and our crib…a Graco Shannon 4-in-1 Crib. (You need to use your imagination that the bedding is on the correct crib…sorry)

The crib isn’t put together yet…that’ll probably happen this weekend. Diane and Frank are coming up to help paint the baby’s room, and I’m guessing that we’ll be…um…I’LL be putting the crib together! 🙂

Moving on…here’s a picture of Annie this week. The tummy is big and we’re starting to feel the kid kick and punch a little. Although…Annie will feel it…and when I run over to catch a feel…it stops. 😦

Pretty little thing isn’t she?

Okay…now the time you’ve all been waiting for…the baby’s first pictures! Woot! On Tuesday of last week, May 27th, we had our ultrasound. Let me tell you, for those who have never experienced such a thing, it’s really cool. Here are a couple of pics of the kid..

As you can see, the top picture is a front view of the face. You can see the eye sockets, nose, chin, a hand towards the top of the picture…and I think that’s about it. To the bottom you’ll see a profile view, where you can see the shape of the head, the mouth, chin, a hand, and the tip of the nose. At one point while we were viewing the profile we saw our little one suck it’s thumb. It was very cool to see things moving around inside mama’s tummy.

At this point…we have found out what we’re having, however since there are a few people out there who want to be surprised by our little one, I’m not at liberty to reveal that. However, I believe that those of you visiting this, may already know.

Outside of all those fun little things…”baby” received a clean bill of health and there are no concerns. We’ll try and be better about posting an update soon, however I’m not sure what other kinds of exciting things are going to happen soon…oh…wait…COMING SOON we’ll have pictures of the baby’s room. We’ve also enrolled in parenting classes and start those in July, so I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about those. So until then…take care and we’ll talk to you soon!

Jeremy & Annie

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