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We’re back!

July 23, 2008 3 comments

Alright…so we’ve got a couple of weeks to catch up on. To be fair and honest though…not a whole lot happened until recently. Within the last 2 weeks alone, several things happened; Breastfeeding Class, 1st Birthing Class, Painted ?????’s room, Crib built, and maybe a couple of other fun things, like clothes and such. Oh wait, I almost forgot one more thing…Annie got bigger…way bigger…take a look:

*And look…JEANS!

Oh, and since we haven’t really officially posted anything since we found out what we’re having…it’s not a secret anymore. Those who wanted to have it be a surprise folded and know that we’re having a GIRL!

I was right all along by the way…really…I, Jeremy, was like the only one thinking it was a girl. So Annie and I had a deal…whoever was right gets to purchase the “coming home” outfit. Note: I’m still searching, no luck yet.

Would you like to see pictures of the room? Take a look…Thanks so much to Frank and Diane who came be recently to help paint.

In this first picture you can see the Crib I put together, the Bassinet that Diane and Myself spray painted to match, and the Rocking Chair with the bedding quilt on it. By the way…why do they include a quilt in the baby bedding if you aren’t allowed to use it for fear of suffocation?

In the second picture you can see the fully installed light switch. Hopefully the photo is clear enough that you can accurately see the color we painted the walls.

Oh! By the way, we were missing 2 pieces for the crib…they’re on order though…that’s the bad news. The good news…I was still able to temporarily put it together until those pieces come in AND…I thought far enough in advance that I didn’t build it outside of the room. Meaning…had I put it together outside of the room, we would not have been able to get it through the doorway! (That’s like the first time I’ve ever thought that far in advance.)

Well…I think that’s about it for now…we’ll touch base again soon and talk about the lovely classes we’ve been attending. In the mean time, take care and we’ll talk to you soon!

Jeremy, Annie, and ?????

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Yeah, yeah…we know…

Okay…alright…we’ve heard the cries, and an update is on the way. We couldn’t come up with an update prior to last week because not a whole lot happened…well, except for Annie’s tummy getting bigger. However in the last week we’ve had a Breast-Feeding Class…our 1st Parenting Class…and we’ve made some huge progress for the little one’s room.

All that and more coming to you in a next update…hopefully some time tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for being our friends! You have no idea how glad we are that our friendships aren’t based on posting something new…because if it was…we’d be friendless.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Jeremy & Annie

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