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Week 32 and things are wrapping up!

Wow oh wow…where has the time gone. Almost seems silly to that, of course time is going fast…we’re busy!

Well to start of this post, let’s take a look at Annie round tummy:

Getting there…only 8 weeks* left.

*If she decides to come out on her actual due date!

Since we last posted, a lot of fun things happened. We’ve moved on in our Birthing class which holds nothing back and isn’t short on things one can never unsee, but overall it’s been a great experience…only 1 more week!

Hallie, Laura, and B.K. painted some fun things for us:

Also…that blue rug all those fun little things are sitting on…that’s the baby’s rug…cool huh? It ties in very nicely!

Oh! The replacement parts came in for the crib and I (Jeremy) was able to finally finish it. Take a look:

Cute eh?

I feel pretty proud that it’s all finished and still standing! Looks sturdy too! We found some decorations for the room…

We added plain white knobs to the dresser and purchased the fun blue ‘thing’ above it. I say thing, because I have no idea what the name is. It’s a piece of metal in a frame that hangs on the wall and you can attach things to it with fun magnets…see:

There’s a close up…it’s cute! We also purchased letters to spell our her name on the wall above the crib. Obviously we can’t show you all the letters, because then you’d know what her name is, so…here’s a picture of one of them…with the Ikea lamp Annie picked up!

Yep…that’s an “R”…could it be at the beginning? Maybe…middle? How about the end? Guess you’ll have to wait and see! Sorry!

Oh…and an apology is in order to B.K., it turns out I wasn’t the only person who thought I was having a little girl…so, “Sorry B.K., you were right too!”. However, the deal between Annie and I was that whoever was right on the gender got to pick out the “Coming Home Outfit”.

I’ve been struggling to find something…until last Wednesday while we were in Grand Rapids picking up my new car. I had success…however, you’ll have to wait until next time for both the car AND the outfit, depending on which one you care about, it may be hard to wait!

OPC (One Perfect Child), Sweet Pea, Peanut, Lil’ One, She, whatever you’re calling her, is doing well. She continues to move around A LOT! Just ask Annie! I’ve felt the giant kicks and punches this gal is throwing, I feel bad…really bad for Annie’s insides, that can’t feel great.

I guess that’s it for now…things are coming to a close, but we’ll get a couple more posts in before she arrives…and once she finally graces us with her presence, I’ll try to update this with images so that those who won’t be around still get a chance to see her face!

Thanks for your love and support! Take care!

Jeremy & Annie

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