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Almost there…6 more weeks! (Give or take)

Hey there all you friends and family!

Seems like only a short time ago we had started this family blog and now we’re only 6 weeks away from expanding that family!

We’re pretty much ready…

Car Seat…Check!
Pack & Play…Check!
Room Painted…Check!
Other…Mostly Check!

And now we can check on the installation of the Car Seat, The First Outfit, and the Rocking Chair! (We still need to swing by the Fire Dept. or Police Dept to have the Car Seat checked.)

Without further ado…after much searching and heartache…here it is…”The Coming Home Outfit”. By the way, for those just joining…since I, Jeremy, correctly guessed the gender of the child I won the right to pick out the first outfit. So…here it is:

I like the ears at the top. The Pink onesie with the flower couple potentially be switched out with a white onesie that says, “I love daddy”. I’m not a big fan to clothes that talk…so that’s why I’m going with the one with the flower…they both cam as part of a 3 pack.

We also got our rocking chair this week! And since Annie has been hanging out with some Braxton-Hicks contractions for the past week, she’s hard to find standing up…so here’s a picture of her tummy…in the new rocking chair!

So…without all of you current and former parents of babies out there laughing at us…we’re pretty much set to start this thing up. ??????? can show up at any time and we think we’ll be as ready as we can be!

Oh! We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary this past week..that went fast by the way. Check out the gift that Diane and Frank sent us:

Since it’s cool to name inanimate object…his name is, “Pete”. Why? Don’t know. Annie just asked me what his name was and the first name to come to my mind was, “Pete”. So there you have it…”Pete the 1 Year Anniversary Tree!” Welcome to the family Pete!

I think that’s all for now. Annie gets underway with school on Tuesday and I’ll stay busy with my normal run-of-the-mill duties at work and here at home. My birthday is on Wednesday and I’ll now be 3 years away for 30 years old!

So…thanks for checking in on us…we hope that all is well with you…please take care and we’ll see you soon. We’ll try and post as frequently as we can these last couple of weeks, but we try to post when there is something to talk about…so we’ll see if something happens!


Jeremy, Annie, & ???????

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  1. Heidi
    September 4, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    It was so nice to have celebrated your birthday last night at Mongolian BBQ. Last birthday before the girl arrives! Love the outfit Jeremy. Let us know when you hear something.

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