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Not much to report…

September 29, 2008 2 comments

Wow…I’m actually getting to a post semi-close to the actual day it happened!

So, last Thursday Annie and I headed to the Doctor…we heard the heartbeat again…nice and strong…140’s I believe. He said everything seemed fine, Annie’s weight gain, measurements, etc.

Without going into too much detail…he checked how far along things were…we are not moving very fast. I’ve been hearing around the workplace that sometimes that first baby can take a week longer than expected!

So…We’ll see! In the meantime, Annie needs thoughts and prayers, at some point it seems like she pulled something in her lower-right back and it’s causing a large amount of pain, especially when she gets up and sits down. I try to help by rubbing a Tennis Ball on her back (got that tip class), but it helps very little, and Annie can’t take pain relievers, so she’s not been having a good couple of days.

Thanks for checking in…things are pretty complete, at this point, it’s just a waiting game until she shows!

Talk to you soon.

Jeremy & Annie

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36 weeks…and a little late….

September 25, 2008 1 comment

Sorry this is so late, it’s been so boring around here with nothing to do, we just completely forgot! I can’t believe that nothing has been going on, and it’s been like that, day after day after day. Huh…you’d think that having a baby would be craziness all the time. Well…now you know better huh?

Ok…so a slight exacturation. Things have been busy with gatherings, gifts, and g..g..getting ready? We’re ready! Diane (Annie’s Mom) visited last weekend along with Frank (Her Dad). She brought curtains for the room, that look spectacular, and brought the “poofy-liner-thing” that lines the cradle. Frank and Jeremy went golfing. Frank got a “birdie” and a “par” or two…Jeremy got a couple of “pars”…overall wasn’t a bad game.

So here we are…Thursday afternoon. We’re coming up on 37 weeks, with a Doctor’s appointment tonight to find out if things are moving into place and by how much! Annie’s in slight pain every now and then, and her feet…well…those of you who have ever been pregnant, don’t need anything further. Those who have never been pregnant…just wait!
Anyways…we’ll be sharing more after our Doctor’s appointment tonight, because we’ll actually know something new. So feel free to check back.

Also! This will probably be the place that we upload a couple of the lil’ one’s pictures for those of you “off site”. Oh…and sorry, but at this point we’re limiting visiting to just immediate family. See…there’s this door that once opened will allow gobs and gobs of loved ones and friends, and since we’ll only be at the hospital, like a day or two (hopefully), that’s a lot of visiting. So, we’ll make sure to catch all of you in person for some quality time with the new one.

That’s all for now. To keep you up to date, if you haven’t seen Annie, lately…here’s what she looks like!

Nice bellybutton!

Well, that’s all for now, we’ll try and get something up here in the next day or so, and update you on tonight’s Doctor visit.

Thanks for reading!

Jeremy & Annie

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