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13 Hours and counting…

Hey there…

So, let’s give you all a little update. Yesterday, Friday, October 9th…Annie and I went to our Doctor’s appointment. He checked things out and she was at 3cm and 90% effaced. Well he did this thing called, “Stripping the Membrain” and it was like any methaphor you can come up with about things being opened. Sure “Opened that can of worms!”…or…it was like “Opening Up Pandora’s Box”…etc.

See…what happened is about 20 minutes after we left the Doctor’s office, Annie started experiencing some really severe contractions…worse than she had ever experienced. So…we let it ride…waiting to see how long things would go.

We went out for dinner and things really heated up…just ask Heather & Ross. Anyway…we called and they said, “Come on in!”. So…at about 8:15 p.m. on Friday, we went in. They prepped her…and Annie was eventually able to get an epidural for the pain. Oh…and by the way…when we arrived at the Hospital…Annie was at 5cm!

Then things started to slow down. She eventually increased to 6cm, 7cm, and now she’s finally at 8cm, and we’re playing the waiting game.

Just thought I should share an update, we’ll try and get pictures up as soon as we can. In the meantime, keep those prayers a comin’!


P.S.-The Doc’s on his way in soon…he’s going to break Annie’s water to see if that won’t help move things along a little faster. If it works like his last trick…shouldn’t be too much longer!

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