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Going on 5 weeks…already?

Yes, the title to this post is correct, Emerson is almost 5 weeks old! What has she accomplished in the last 5 weeks? Well…here’s a few things:

  • Lots of crying.
  • Lots of poop…ehem…diapers.
  • A few trips downtown Holland in the stroller.
  • A few trips to Target.
  • Lots of pictures. (more to come)
  • Visited the radio station twice.
  • And…visited 2 new states on the way to Grandma’s House!

That’s right, Emerson went on her first trip to Illinois. She did great…well…up until about 20 minutes to Grandma’s house…and then on the return trip…she did great up until 20 minutes to Home. So, looks like her Maximum Trip-o-meter is 2 hours and 10 minutes!

Anyway…here are some more pictures from Emerson’s trip!


Uncle Adam and his girlfriend Kara.


Emerson with Great Grandma Emmie.


Emerson with Great Grandpa…Pa.


4 Generations. Emmie…Diane…Annie…and Emerson!

That’s all for this exciting post…check back for more pictures. (Probably in another week or so!)

Jeremy, Annie, & Emerson!

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