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Holy Moly!

Wow…so, “It’s been a while” doesn’t even seem to scratch the surface of how long it’s been since we last brought you some fun. So…let’s play some catch up!

In the month of November, we had…well…Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was nice, the 3 of us ventured out to Illinois to visit that side of the family and Emerson is impressive on long trips. She made it all the way to the Ogden exit before getting frustrated completely.

November also brought light to the fact that Emerson no longer likes bottles. Ever since that fun little discovery, we’ve been battling…and losing. However…we aren’t out of tricks…yet.

December brought ‘Cookie Baking’ at Jeremy’s side of the family…which was a lot of fun, except…we forgot to bring home our cookies. Oh well…our bodies said, “thanks”.

December also brought Emerson’s first photo op with Santa. We dressed her up in her little reindeer outfit and snapped one at the mall…too bad she was sleeping! Oh…speaking of Santa…We took Emerson to the Christmas Parade in Downtown Holland…talk aboutsomeĀ  cold weather!

Emerson got to meet a close friend in December. The Meyerings welcomed Gibson into their family in November and Emerson finally got a chance to meet him in December. Once again…Emerson likes to sleep.

Emerson & Gibson

Emerson got her first Pony for Christmas, except Mom and Dad won’t be giving it to her until she takes a bottle. In fact, the bottle thing is holding her back in a few other aspects…She can’t go golfing with Grandpa, She can’t get a puppy either, and She can’t go to the prom. Well, maybe not that last one…

OH! One other thing we’ve been working on with Emerson is ‘Tummy-Time’! Click here to see a video!

Talk to you soon?

Jeremy, Annie, & Emerson!

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  1. December 30, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    What cute babes! You crack me up on the “can’t do’s before the bottle”! She’s got to break eventually…right?? I’d love to see her picture with Santa – cute!

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