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4 months already!

Hey there everyone!

Annie and Emerson are busy at the moment, but as soon as Annie’s free, I’ll have her interject some thoughts. In the mean time, can you believe that Emerson is already 4 months old? I know everyone says that time moves fast when you have a kid, but at this rate, I’m afraid that if we have another one down the line, time will cease to exist!

I’m not sure if you ever check my work blog, but a couple of weeks ago I decided to post some things that really validated my “Dad” title. Here’s the list, just in case:

– I have a pacifier in my jacket at all times.
– I also don’t mind sucking on the pacifier in my jacket when it needs washing.
– I get calls from people who drive by my house and see me dancing in the window. It’s during these phone calls that I tell them that I am singing and dancing for my daughter, for entertainment purposes only.
– I spend more time combing her hair then I do my own.
– After weeks of getting her to do a ‘raspberry’ with her tongue, at random times throughout the day, NOT around my daughter, I find myself doing ‘raspberries’ to no one.
– Pink is now a cool color, although I still won’t wear it.
– The word “Poopie” is now used for exciting times, rather than challenging times.
– The word “Grumpy-Pants” is now a frequent word in my vocabulary.
– My goal each and every day is to make my daughter laugh.

Those are all pretty good, but here are a few more that I have picked up over the last couple of weeks…”I am a Dad because…”

– Sticking Emerson in the Green Bumbo chair and flying her around in mid air instinctively causes me to make the sound of the Jetson’s vehicle.
– A successful poopie diaper change is when it doesn’t explode out the sides and I can get through the entire change without gagging.
– When I feed her a bottle in the afternoon she tends to grab my finger while she eats.
– All of the photos taken on my iPhone are of Emerson.
– Every Sunday at Church I rock her in her car seat the entire service to help keep her asleep.
– The most played YouTube video on my iPhone is, “Barenaked Ladies – Polliwog in a Bog”…and it’s bookmarked.
– When Emerson is in her stroller and I’m pushing her around, I can’t help but feel like I’m driving a race car and I make tire squealing noises and engine revving sounds.
– On occasion while doing the above, I get the stroller on 2 wheels…safely of course.
– The day Emerson turned 4 months old I let her lick my spoon which had mint ice cream on it.

Okay…so that’s my side of things for the last 4 months. We’ll be back in the next day or so with Annie’s thoughts. Thanks for visiting and I’ll continue to upload some of the iPhone pictures I have to this blog, so check back for those too.


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