Sheldon the Box Turtle

Sheldon the Box Turtle

Hi, I’m Sheldon. I’m the other living thing in the house besides the cat. Owen’s cool…but he’s a little whiny sometimes when he really wants to go outside.

Speaking of outside, that’s something I really enjoy doing, not to mention that I really like my early morning baths, followed by an entire day of sleeping inside my log. It’s a great life.

To find out more about my family, click their corresponding tab.

  1. Henry
    March 22, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Hey Sheldon!

    How’s the “ninja training” going? Have you discovered the so called secret of the ooze? Tell Splinter and April (Jeremy and Annie) I say high…and stay away from the shredder (but not pizza)!!!1!!

    Your pal,


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